Make a specialty of anti drip of Ruby fog, mist nozzles
Ruby Mist Nozzle Factory
Ruby Orifice Mist Nozzle Factory

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We are a Factory specialized in develop Ruby Mist Nozzle.

No.188,Jin Yuan 4 Road,JiaDingArea,Shanghai,China

Hunk Zhu

We are a factory in Shanghai, in specialty develop to Ruby Mist Nozzle , to producing brand Ruby of series anti drip of fog, mist nozzles, Indeed, widly range used in the garden irrigation, agriculture farm, textile factory ...and so on of areas. for increase moisture, cooling...etc. functions, Meanwhile, the updated of products, to adapt of inside core nozzle for using long endurance of ruby material, to make our nozzles can be trust and reliable,(Each of nozzle on the product line must be inspection for 3 times, belong to high quality but cheap price)

NEWS: Brass and stainless steel materials Professional low pressure nozzle (80-micron filter)upcoming!Please check the products within the website.


OUR RUBY NOZZLES MEET Environmental protection brass material( According to North America for EPI, Europe for RoHS Standard)

We have substantial experience in nozzle designs and nozzles appliactions with varies industries.

Welcome OEM or 0DM

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A high wear resistance is a special advantage under high water pressure.The hole isn't easy to enlarge.And easy to clean.

Wear Rate:
Stainless Steel5,Ceramic100,Synthetic Ruby200


Besides, We have been develop difference material and size of fog nozzles, at moment have diameter from 0.08mm to 0.5mm, Which of 7 types of fogging nozzles, for available difference of locations, Welcome by OEM or ODM of business cooperation, for beneficial both sides.